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EAC Skopje, CEED Macedonia and IIA Macedonia are pleased to announce the IIA’s CIA Learning System™ review course. This program combines the leadership of an experienced instructor with the print materials and online study tools of The IIA’s CIA Learning System to expand your internal audit knowledge and skills and prepare you for the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) exam.

Comprehensive Instructor-led Course

This 11 days / 4 weekends program is designed for individuals interested in preparing for the CIA exam, achieving professional advancement, and building confidence for addressing today’s internal audit challenges. This course will provide an in-depth review of the global CIA exam syllabus and materials included in The IIA’s CIA Learning System.

The training is organized in 3 modules for every part of CIA exam:








Part 1- Internal Audit Basics 

(3 days course)

265 EUR 

27/28/29 September 2013         

 16 September, 2013


Part 2 - Internal Audit Practice 

(3 days course)

265 EUR

28/29/30 March 2014 

14 February 2014 


Part 3 - Internal Audit Knowledge Elements (5 days course)

325 EUR

6/7/8/14/15 June 2014

23 May 2014 



IIA CIA® Learning System™  V_4.0 all  3 parts –  670 $ 

IIA CIA® Learning System™  V_4.0  1 part – 275 $

Whether you are a CIA candidate, a manager seeking training for your staff, or a student just starting out, The IIA’s CIA Learning System course can help you accomplish your certification and professional development goals. 

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