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The AAS College is an art and design University level college, established in 1990. It offers degrees in subjects such as Advertising, Animation, Digital Graphics, Fashion Design, Fashion Promotion, Games Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography and Product Design in undergraduate and postgraduate level, which are awarded by the University of Central Lancashire, UK. 

Bachelor of Honours Courses
At AAS students can get bachelor degrees in design and graphics. Nowadays design is part of our everyday life. It defines our social identity and the way we “see” the world. The studies in design help students to learn, explore and develop their capabilities to visualize the world from different perspectives. They help them develop their aesthetics and points of view within the moral and social context of human experience. They provide a broad – based education and encourage students to achieve their potential in their chosen design area.

  • Bachelor of Honours in Advertising
  • Bachelor of Honours in Animation
  • Bachelor of Honours in Digital Graphics
  • Bachelor of Honours in Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Honours in Fashion Promotion
  • Bachelor of Honours in Games Design
  • Bachelor of Honours in Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Honours in Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Honours in Product Design

Master Courses
For those who really want to make a difference in the fields of art, design and communication at AAS we offer the same Master degrees as at UCLan. The aim of undertaking such a course is to further explore and develop your capabilities to deal with more complex issues systematically and creatively, and to show originality in tackling and solving problems. By the end of the course students are able to continue to advance their knowledge and understanding and they have developed new skills that they can use in their market field.

  • MA Design specialising in Advertising
  • MA Design Specialising in Animation
  • MA Design Specialising in Digital Graphic
  • MA Design Specialising in Fashion Design
  • MA Design Specialising in Games Design
  • MA Design Specialising in Photography
  • MA Design Specialising in Product Design
  • MA Graphic Design
  • MA Interior Design

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